About Us

Hey there! Welcome to Bold and Rustic Jewelers, the creative hub in the heart of Grand Junction, CO, where every piece is a testament to the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship. We're a passionate team dedicated to crafting unique rings for both men and women.

At Bold and Rustic, we specialize in the art of tungsten carbide rings, incorporating unique materials like Gibeon meteorite, dinosaur fossil, opal, turquoise, gold plating and whiskey barrel into our designs. Our focus is on creating wedding and engagement rings, as well as everyday rings, with an emphasis on clean design and top-notch craftsmanship.

Each piece in our curated selection is meticulously chosen, reflecting our unwavering commitment to delivering distinctive, high-quality jewelry for your special moments. Founded in 2017, our journey began on Etsy, and now we're expanding our horizons, growing both locally and online.

Our team is the heartbeat of Bold and Rustic. With skilled artisans working remotely, we've got the woodwork covered to ensure each piece meets our exacting standards. Join us as we continue to craft not just beautiful rings but lasting memories. The adventure awaits, and we're more than ready for it!